Is Zevia Keto Friendly?


Are you on a keto diet and wondering if Zevia aligns with your nutritional needs? The key question to ask is: Is Zevia Keto Friendly?

In keto, the magic number for daily net carbs is usually 20g. Let’s take a look at Zevia’s macronutrient breakdown.

Zevia, remarkably, contains zero calories, zero protein, zero total fat, and no carbohydrates – be it fiber or sugars. This gives Zevia an impressive net carb count of…you guessed it – zero!

Given this information, it seems safe to say that, Zevia is keto-friendly!

Is Zevia Keto Friendly?


Serving Size: 1 12oz Can

keto approved

Net Carbs








Is Zevia Keto Friendly?

There’s been a lot of buzz in the keto community about Zevia, a brand of zero-calorie drinks. These beverages, ranging from sodas to energy drinks, are sweetened with Stevia, an extract derived from the Stevia rebaudiana plant. They promise to provide flavor without impacting your blood sugar or metabolic state.

You might be asking: How can this fit into my keto diet? Well, let’s look closer at their Lemon Black Tea and Black Cherry Soda. A quick examination of the nutrition facts reveals zero calories and net carbs. All Zevia products meet our keto-safe product standards.

For instance, their Mango Ginger Energy Drink provides caffeine to boost your energy levels – great for those who follow a ketogenic diet and need extra help maintaining their energy. It also offers ginger beer soda and ginger ale soda – unique flavors without carbs!

But what about other drinks like Grape Soda or Cherry Cola Soda? Don’t worry! All their sodas, including Mountain Zevia Soda and even mixers like Tonic Water Mixer and Bitters Mixer, have zero sugars and fats.

The verdict is clear: Zevia offerings are completely keto! The lack of carbs ensures that consuming these products won’t throw you out of ketosis. Plus, they decide what to drink easier by offering beverages for every occasion.

To sum it up, in my blogger’s opinion: whether you’re craving Cream Soda or Lemon Lime Twist Soda, these delightful drinks help you maintain your diet while enjoying real fruit juice flavors minus the sugar alcohols or Erythritol found Erythritolrands.

So why not give Zevia a try? Keep up the good work with your fat-loss regimen while enjoying tasty beverages guilt-free!

Pros Of Eating Zevia On The Keto Diet

  • Zevia contains zero carbohydrates, making it a great choice for maintaining ketosis.
  • It also has no calories, which may help manage total caloric intake.
  • One can of Zevia be counted as a full serving, making portion control simple.
  • Zevia is sweetened naturally with Stevia, avoiding artificial sweeteners that could negatively impact health.
  • This drink contains no sugars or fats, making it easy to fit into your keto diet without affecting your macros significantly.

Cons Of Eating Zevia On The Keto Diet

  • Zevia contains artificial sweeteners, which some people on a keto diet may want to avoid.
  • Artificial sweeteners can sometimes cause gastrointestinal issues such as bloating and gas.
  • Despite having zero net carbs, Zevia can trigger cravings for sweet foods in some individuals.
  • Some people might experience an insulin response from artificial sweeteners, impacting ketosis negatively.
  • The lack of nutrients in Zevia doesn’t contribute to the nutritional needs of those on a ketogenic diet.

Benefits Of Drinking Zevia

When it comes to finding suitable drinks for a ketogenic diet, Zevia stands out among the rest. Known for its zero-calorie beverages, this brand is ideal for maintaining ketosis.

Zevia uses Stevia, a natural sweetener derived from the Stevia rebaudiana plant. This means you can enjoy the sweetness without worrying about sugar or net carbs. All Zevia Zero Calorie Drinks have zero carbs and zero sugars!

But what are the health benefits of drinking Zevia? Here’s a quick list:

  • Supports Ketosis: With zero net carbohydrates, these drinks won’t interrupt your ketogenic diet.
  • Lowers Blood Sugar: Being free of sugar means Zevia won’t spike your blood sugar levels.
  • Boosts Energy Levels: Certain products, like their energy drinks, contain caffeine to give you a boost when needed.
  • Aids Fat Loss: As part of a ketogenic diet, reduced carbs can promote fat loss and improved metabolism.

In addition to soda, don’t forget about their other offerings. Zevia Bitters Mixer or Tonic Water Mixer can add flavor variety while fitting into your diet plan. There’s even Rakola Energy Drink if you need an extra kick!

To conclude, opting for Zevia is one of the best decisions anyone on a ketogenic diet could make!

Alternatives To Zevia On The Keto Diet

Bai Flavored Water

Bai-flavored water presents a great keto alternative to Zevia. With only 5 calories, Bai utilizes erythritol which provides sweetness while keeping the carb count low. This makes it an optimal choice for those aiming to maintain ketosis.

Hint Water

Hint water offers a fruit-infused experience that is perfect for the keto diet. It contains no sweeteners or calories, making it a good product for those looking for a refreshing drink without impacting their ketogenic diet.

LaCroix Sparkling Water

LaCroix provides sparkling waters in various fruit flavors similar to Zevia sodas. It is zero sugar, zero calorie profile supports maintaining ketosis, and its wide availability at grocery stores makes it easily accessible.

Virgil’s Zero Sugar Sodas

Virgil’s Zero Sugar Sodas use all-natural sweeteners like Stevia and erythritol, perfeErythritolone on a keto diet. They offer exciting flavors such as Black Cherry and Root Beer, providing a fun beverage alternative with no carbs or calories.

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