Keto Quiz

keto quiz

How much do you know about keto?

Alright, diet detectives! 🕵️‍♂️ Think you’ve got the skinny on all things keto? Or are you just here for the avo-good time? 🥑 Either way, let’s see if you’re truly nuts about keto or if you’re just trying to butter us up. Dive in, and let’s get cracking! 🍳

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What is the primary source of energy on the keto diet?

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What does the keto diet aim to achieve in the body?

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  1. Which of the following foods is NOT typically considered keto-friendly?

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In the context of the keto diet, what are macronutrients that need to be tracked most?

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Which organ in the human body produces ketones?

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Which of the following side effects might someone experience when starting the keto diet?

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What is the so-called “keto flu”?

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How do most people measure whether they are in ketosis?

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