Is Diet Coke Keto-Friendly? The Truth About This Popular Soda


Is Diet Coke keto safe? Diet Coke contains zero carbs, so technically it is keto. Most sugar-free beverages like diet sodas are allowed on keto, so Diet Coke recieves a thumbs up! 

If you’ve been chugging diet coke like water for years and are all about eating healthy and living the keto life, it’s time for a reality check. What do you know about Diet Coke carbs and Diet Coke calories?

When you’re supposed to say no to all the comforting carbs and delectable desserts, the option of sugar-free soda is like a ray of hope. So, is Diet Coke keto-friendly, or is it time to say goodbye to this fizzy friend? 

is diet coke keto

Diet Coke

Serving Size: 1 12oz can

keto approved

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Short answer: Yes. Diet Coke is a keto-friendly drink because it contains no carbohydrates. It also contains no calories, making. However, you may consider whether you want to consume artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes in Diet Coke.

Is Diet Coke Keto? Exploring this Diet Soda

We won’t get into the debate about whether you’re a Diet Coke or a Diet Pepsi drinker right now; the focus here is whether or not they’re permitted when you’re on a keto diet.

Classic Coca-Cola is loaded with sugar, but is Diet Coke Keto? The short and sweet answer is Yes.

However, what concerns many people is the artificial sweeteners used to give Diet Coke its famous flavor. 

Diet Coke uses sweetening components that do not contain any sugar; therefore, they are carb-free and will not kick you out of ketosis. 

Artificial sweetener makes sugar-free drinks have fewer calories than regular soda and other drinks that use natural sweetener, such as the sugar found in fruit juice.

However, some concerns exist about the aspartame used in Diet Coke. Because of the controversy, some keto dieters try to use natural sweeteners like stevia or monk fruit.

How Many Carbs Are in Diet Coke?

Diet Coke is a low-carb drink. It contains 0 net carbohydrates because it contains zero sugar. It doesn’t even contain any calories.

Artificially sweetened drinks like diet soda do not spike blood sugar in the same way that sugary drinks like fruit juice do.

Should You Avoid Artificial Sweeteners in Diet Sodas?

When you drink diet sodas, you may be concerned about artificial sweeteners contained in the diet drink.

According to some governing bodies, some artificial sweeteners contain harmful, unsafe ingredients. They suggest that there may be health risks related to carb-free drinks.

Do Artificial Sweeteners Cause Cancer?

The belief that artificial sweeteners show an increased risk of developing cancer has proven incorrect. However, the controversy remains between these additives and health issues.

So to clear up any misconceptions about this topic, there is no conclusive evidence that drinking diet soda in moderation damages your health.

You can drink diet soda on the ketogenic diet. Keto-friendly drinks, like Diet Coke and Coke Zero, contain no net carbs, making them acceptable for the keto diet.

They are also good for people with insulin resistance issues, such as diabetics.

Will Drinking Diet Coke Promote Weight Loss on the Keto Diet?

Keto is a low-carb diet that works for weight loss by burning fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates, such as those found in sugary foods and drinks. 

For example, if you were to drink a full can of Coca-Cola, you’d be fueling your body with around 150 calories of pure sugar.

On the contrary, Diet Coke contains zero calories, zero sugar, and zero carbs while still providing great taste, so you don’t have to miss out on your favorite pop. 

Diet Coke is good for keto dieters because of the artificial sweeteners that won’t spike blood sugar.

If you drink regular Coca-Cola daily, switching to Diet Coke or even Coke Zero helps you lose weight before making any other drastic diet changes. 

The Downside of Diet Coke on Keto

It’s not all sunshine and roses regarding drinking diet coke on keto because, for some people, the simple taste of something sweet can send them spiraling into binge eating territory. 

The taste of something sweetened, even with artificial sweeteners, can cause you to crave sweet foods.

The same thing can occur when you drink fruit juice. However, artificial sweeteners do not spike blood sugar in the same way.

Therefore, stick with coffee or water if you can’t resist temptation after tasting something sweet. Staying low carb is even easier if you avoid diet sodas.

Secondly, drinking too much soda isn’t great for your dental care due to its acidic components, which can lead to tooth decay. Even though these drinks do not contain added sugar, the acid can damage teeth.

Diet Soda Could Make You Fat

It’s a controversial topic. Since diet soda contains no calories, it should help you to lose weight, especially on the keto diet.

Some studies show that diet soda, like Diet Coke, does not help you reduce body weight and can even make you gain weight.

There is conflicting research on this topic, with some studies suggesting that artificial sweeteners may help reduce body weight, while others claim that they may also increase weight gain.

Even though artificial sweeteners do not increase blood glucose, they can increase sugar cravings like natural sweeteners do.

The same concerns can be raised about keto-friendly energy drinks.

Health Considerations of Diet Coke

Some reports link diet soda with a greater risk for several health conditions, including autoimmune conditions and cancer. On top of that, there is not much nutritional value in drinking low-carb diet drinks.

Genetic factors such as obesity and sedentary habits also contribute to the emergence and persistence of diseases.

Diet Coke also contains preservatives like acesulfame potassium, phosphoric acid, citric acid, potassium benzoate, artificial flavors, and natural flavors that are not fully disclosed on the label.

The concern with these additives is that they can lead to weight gain, metabolic disorders, and allergic reactions in some people.

What Are Some Other Keto-Friendly Drinks?

Diet soda is okay to drink on the keto diet, but you may be concerned about the topics we discussed above.

Artificial sweeteners make Diet Coke keto, but the last thing we want on the keto diet is an unexpected side effect, like weight gain.

Here are some of the best keto-friendly drinks that you can try instead of drinking diet soda:

  • Coffee is a keto-friendly drink that you can have instead of keto-friendly sodas. Black coffee would be the healthiest option. You want to avoid other artificial sweeteners in your coffee that can have the same effect as the aspartame in Diet Coke. Bulletproof coffee is a popular keto drink.
  • Green tea is another option that won’t affect ketosis but can help you get the caffeine you need for energy while dieting. Tea is a keto-friendly drink.
  • Sparkling water, or carbonated water, is another option for the keto lifestyle. The benefit of sparkling water is that it can help satisfy your craving for the carbonation of diet sodas.
  • Electrolyte drinks can be helpful on the keto diet because you can get dehydrated. We wrote about the best electrolyte drinks for keto in the past.

These items have natural flavor and a low carb count to help keep your diet on track, and they allow you to get some flavor without having those sweet drinks.

A Final Look at Diet Coke on the Ketogenic Diet

So the answer to whether Coke is allowed on the keto diet is straightforward: Yes. 

However, this doesn’t mean you should add a 24-pack to every future grocery shop. Even keto-friendly beverages should be used in moderation.

It’s fine to get your Diet Coke kick on occasion, and if you do decide to drink diet soda on the ketogenic diet, you should try not to make it an everyday occurrence.

Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and even Diet Pepsi are fine in moderation, but healthier options like green tea and keto coffee are preferred.

Drinking too much diet soda can cause adverse health conditions, especially regarding your dental hygiene, so drinking in moderation is highly recommended. 

Diet Coke can be an excellent alternative if you’re starting your keto journey and are concerned about giving up some of your favorite sugary beverages. It fits into the keto diet because it contains 0 net carbs.

Diet soda can also help keep cravings at bay because caffeine is an appetite suppressant, which can help with weight loss.

You can also use Diet Coke as an excellent addition to keto-friendly cocktails, which you can find an extensive list of here. Diet Coke is great for mixed drinks on keto.

Suppose you’re an all-or-nothing person and feel like even the taste of something sweet will tempt you into cheating with snacks.

In that case, it’s best to avoid drinking Diet Coke altogether and opt for something like sparkling water, coffee, herbal tea, coconut milk, or green tea, which can help suppress the appetite while offering satisfaction.