What To Do If You Cheat on A Keto Diet

What To Do If You Cheat on A Keto Diet?

Now and then, no matter what diet you follow, a cheat day is bound to come around, whether it’s a special meal to celebrate an occasion or a vacation where you simply can’t resist temptation.  So, how quickly can you get back on track after cheating on a keto diet, and what happens when you … Read more

Why is a Keto Diet So Hard to Follow

Why is a Keto Diet So Hard to Follow?

Any diet can be hard to stick to, especially if it’s too strict or restrictive. But what is it about keto that people find so hard to follow? Keto is a fast and successful way to lose weight and is becoming increasingly popular in the world of health and fitness due to its success rate … Read more

Keto Diet Better than Counting Calories

Is The Keto Diet Better than Counting Calories?

When selecting the right diet for yourself, it’s essential to find one that you can stick with long-term.  Some diets simply aren’t realistic for people, and this can depend on age, weight, and lifestyle. For example, someone who’s considerably overweight is unlikely to stick to a diet that suddenly restricts them to 1200 calories per … Read more

low carb at chick-fil-a

Low Carb at Chick-fil-A – 9 Amazing Options

Chick-fil-A is an American fast food restaurant chain headquartered in the Atlanta district of College Park, Georgia, specializing in chicken sandwiches. Here are some low carb options for Chick-fil-A.

Not to Eat on Keto

Foods to Not Eat on the Keto Diet

Following a ketogenic diet involves minimizing carbohydrate intake and increasing fat consumption to create a fat-burning process called ketosis.  If you’re going to successfully achieve this process, knowing what not to eat on Keto is every bit as important as knowing which foods you can safely put on your plate.  As you’ll see in this … Read more


Ketosis: What it is, Symptoms, Benefits, Side Effects & More

What is Ketosis? If you’ve spent any amount of time investigating low-carb diets, there’s no doubt that it’s a term you’ve heard almost everywhere you go, but what does it mean? More importantly, why is Ketosis important for losing weight the low-carb way? How do you create it? And what possible drawbacks could there be? … Read more

Why Are Keto Foods So Expensive

Why Are Keto Foods So Expensive?

There is a simple answer to why keto foods are so expensive. Carbs are one of the cheapest foods and protein and fresh vegetables are much more costly.  So, when you think about it, on a keto diet, you’re cutting out the cheapest part of your grocery shop by skipping out on items such as … Read more

potatoes on a keto diet

Can You Eat Potatos on a Keto Diet?

If you’re new to the keto diet, you might feel a little bit swamped and overwhelmed with the rules and restrictions of this lifestyle change.  Of course, one of the biggest questions is: What can and cannot be eaten?  If you’ve come this far, you should already be aware that the primary focus of the … Read more