Shark Tank Keto Gummies: Are They Real?

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Keto gummies are becoming more and more popular as a way to lose weight, and many companies say that their gummies have been on the popular show Shark Tank. In this post, we’ll examine these so-called Shark Tank keto gummies to find out if they are legitimate and if they even work. Don’t try any keto gummies until you read this full post.

What are Keto Gummies?

Keto gummies are typically a gummy supplement that is a type of apple cider vinegar, or ACV, supplement. Apple cider vinegar has been used as a supplement for decades and people claim that it has health benefits. One of the most popular forms of apple cider vinegar is Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother which is usually in a liquid for. Keto apple cider vinegar gummies are a new take on this old concept.

The makers of keto ACV gummies claim that the help with weight management to support healthy fat loss by acting as an appetite suppressant and promoting metabolism. The claim is that they help you burn more fat while making you want to eat less. Obviously, if this is true, you can see how it would be a great benefit to helping you lose weight.

Not only are these supplements riding the apple cider vinegar wave, but they are also hoping to cash in on the rising popularity of the keto diet. Combining to very popular topics into a massive marketing opportunity. Let’s investigate these so called “Shark Tank Keto Gummies” a bit further.

Did Shark Tank Endorse Keto Gummies?

shark tank keto gummies
The Shark Tank crew getting ready to ruthlessly reject some poor individual.

If you’ve landing on this page, then you’ve probably heard the rumors of Share Tank Keto Gummies. The claim is that there are keto ACV gummies that are being promoted by the popular TV show Shark Tank. Shark Tank is a show where individuals pitch business ideas to famous entrepreneurs in the hopes that they will invest in their company. Even getting on the show to be rejected is a very lucrative opportunity for these companies.

Where there keto gummies featured and promoted by the Shark Tank judges? The short answer is a resounding No. There isn’t any evidence to suggest that the judges of ABC’s Shark Tank endorse any type of keto supplement. What is happening is that people are falsely associate their keto diet products with the popularity of the show in hopes to sell more product.

So these “Shark Tank Keto Gummies” essentially do not exist. It’s a false narrative created to generate sales. In the past this same technique has been taking to associate weight loss supplements with high power celebrities like Oprah and Doctor Oz. In pretty much all cases, the celebrities did not endorse any of the products.

If you had gotten your hopes up that there is some type of miracle Shark Tank Keto Gummy on the market, I’m sad to say that is no true. However, does that mean that all keto apple cider vinegar gummies do not work? We’ll take a look at what is actually in the supplement to see if there is any chance that they will help you lose weight. Forget about the fake Shark Tank endorsements, let’s look at the science behind the supplements.

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What are ingredients are in keto gummies?

There are tons of keto ACV gummy products out there and they vary in ingredients. We’re going to look at a few of the most popular options to see if the ingredients have any potential fat burning properties.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is also known as ACV and is the main ingredient in keto gummies. ACV is almost a myth in the health world. People claim that it has all sorts of benefits. Most of this started with the owner of the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar brand and his book about it’s benefits. Many of the claims are not backed up by any real studies. Still there may be benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.

One of the claims that does show promise is the ability of apple cider vinegar to help decrease appetite and reduce glucose spikes when taken with a meal. There was also a study that showed a slight decrease in body fat. None of these observed effects were substantial. This means that there is some evidence that ACV can contribute to weight loss, but more studies need to be done to fully confirm.

Ginger Extract

Ginger extract is another ingredients that seems to be found in some keto ACV products. A common use of ginger is to help reduce nausea and it may be more effective than some prescription medications at that.

The effects in ginger on reducing weight are very limited. The only study that I see related to weight control is a study of the effects of ginger on gastric emptying. Slowing gastric emptying can actually help you lose weight. This is how medications like GLP-1 work. The effects here were still very minimal, so it doesn’t show a lot of promise.

Vitamin B12

B12 is known to help with energy levels. Many people on restricted diets can be low in B vitamin levels, so supplementing with it can be beneficial. There are health spa that do B12 injections as a weight loss method, but there are not really any good studies proving that it has any effect on weight.

Vitamin B6

Another member of the B vitamin family is Vitamin B6. It’s an essential vitamin, but there is no real evidence supporting many reason to supplement with it. There is no studied impact on weight loss.


Folate is also known as Vitamin B9. Another B vitamin family member. Folate has been most promising as a prenatal vitamin to help prevent a certain type of birth defect after conception. There is no real evidence of any effect on weight loss.


BHB is a a combination of 3 of the ketones produced by the liver for energy when carbohydrates are restricted. When you’re on an extremely low carb diet, such as keto, the body starts to turn fat into ketones to use for energy due to the lack of sugar available. The thought behind taking oral BHB is that you can help jump start, or keep the body in the state of ketosis. The body is burning fat for energy when in ketosis, so this could be beneficial for weight loss.

Pomegranate Juice Powder

Pomegranate juice powder contains high amounts of anti-oxidants and has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory effects. It’s also loaded with polyphenols which can help combat damage to the body from the environment. This is beneficial, but there is no real evidence that there is any weight loss property here.

Beet Root Juice Powder

Beet root juice powder contains nitrates that can help to promote healthy blood flow. A study has shown that drinking beet root juice powder can increase athletic performance in cyclists.

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Do Keto Gummies Work?

The Amazon reviews are not terrible. Many of the keto gummies have 3.5 stars or better with several users noting reduction in appetite. However, based on the brief analysis of common ingredients found in keto apple cider vinegar gummies, the most likely outcome is that they don’t really do much. The ingredients aren’t known for having much of an effect on weight loss. If you want to try the gummies then do so knowing that they may not work at all.

Are Shark Tank Keto Gummies a scam?

Some people might consider the gummies being sold as Shark Tank Keto Gummies to be a scam. The usually goal of these types of supplements is to get you locked into a monthly subscription and then make it as hard as possible to cancel. To avoid getting “scammed” it’s important purchase from a reputable retailer.

In general, you pretty much always want to avoid any supplement that claims to be endorsed by some celebrity with out any evidence. They are usually not being truthful.

Where You Can Buy Keto Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

If you’re still interested in trying keto gummies, then there are a few options that may work for you. The first thing that you want to be aware of is that many of the sites pitching these items as “Shark Tank Keto Gummies” are also trying to lock you into a monthly subscription cycle that can be difficult to cancel. You want to avoid those sites.

That’s why I recommend that if you want to try keto gummies, you try them on a site like Amazon which is known for having great customer service. Amazon also makes efforts to remove low quality products from their marketplace. However, no marketplace is perfect.

Here are a few options for keto apple cider vinegar gummies that you can try.


If you were wondering if Shark Tank Keto Gummies are real, I’m sad to tell you that they are not. While there are keto apple cider vinegar gummies on the market, none are officially endorsed by Shark Tank or any of the judges on Shark Tank. Marketers are tying to associate their product with Shark Tank in order for you to purchase it. In general, most of the “celebrity endorsed” weight loss and diet products that you see online and on social media are not officially endorsed by the celebrity and could probably be called a scam. You should make an attempt to avoid those products.

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