Best MCT Oil for Keto – The Top 3

Best MCT oil for ketoWhat is the best MCT oil for keto diets? What is MCT? Medium-chain triglycerides often referred to as MCT, is a popular supplement to the keto diet. Many people add MCT oils to protein shakes, coffee, and even salad dressings. MCT oil contains medium-length fats that are known as triglycerides. These fats are easily digested by the stomach and are linked to many great health benefits due to the way our bodies process these fats. Since you know a little bit about MCT oils you may be wondering what are the best MCT oils for keto diets. We've put together a list of some of the best MCT oils on the market.

If  you're working out on a keto diet then you might always want to add keto-friendly protein shakes to your diet. Or add your MCT oil to your bulletproof coffee with the best blenders for bulletproof coffee.

The Best MCT Oil for Keto - Quick Picks

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The Best Keto MCT Oil - Nature's Way MCT Oil

You can't talk about the best MCT oil for keto diets without mentioning Nature's Way brand. Nature's Way MCT Oil is one of the best keto-friendly MCT oils on the market. It medium chained triglycerides derived from organic coconuts. No other filler oils are added to this product. It's flavorless and odorless so that you can add it to other foods such as coffee or salad dressing. You'll get 14g of 100% MCT oil in each serving. Mix into smoothies, shakes, coffee and other beverages or simply take by the tablespoon.

Sports Research Premium MCT Oil

With this keto MCT oil, you get all of the fat benefits of MCTs without any fillers such as palm oil. This is 100% coconut oil to help boost your energy on a keto diet. This is a certified non-GMO product and is keto, paleo, and vegan friendly. It's odorless and tasteless. Add to protein shakes, coffee, or any other types of beverages. It comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Simply return the product within 90 days for a full refund if you are not satisfied. This is our second pick for best MCT oil for keto diets.

Dr. Approved MCT Oil Keto Friendly

This keto MCT oil is perfect for fueling your brain and body while you are in ketosis. It's another 100% MCT oil that is extracted from cold-pressed coconuts. Unlike some other MCT oils, this MCT oil contains both C8 and C10 acids in one product, which together support digestive, mental and nutritional well-being. Goes perfectly as a coffee creamer.

The Benefits of MCT oils

MCT oil usually comes from coconut oil. More than 50% of the fat comes from medium-chain triglycerides. There are four different types of MCT oils. The most commonly found oils in these products are caprylic acid and capric acid. There are some benefits to specific types of oil but for the most part, they all have similar benefits. Here are some of the biggest benefits of MCT oils.

MCT oil can help promote weight loss

MCT oils have been shown to promote the release of hormones that help you feel full. This full feeling can lead to less easting and therefore fewer calories.  MCT oil is better than coconut oil alone for this purpose. One study showed that people who eat MCT oil for breakfast tend to eat less for lunch. Another study showed that people taking MCT oil had a reduction in weight and waist circumference. MCT fat will be broken down by the body and then release ketones. If you're on a keto diet, taking MCT oil can help you stay in ketosis. MCT oil can also help promote the growth of good bacteria in your stomach and digestive system.

MCT oil can help fuel your brain

MCT oil is absorbed quickly in the body and can be used for almost instant energy. Since MCTs have a shorter length they can bypass being broken down in the stomach and go straight into your liver. Then the MCTs can be converted into ketones by the liver. Ketones can pass through the blood-brain barrier, therefore, providing an instant source of energy for your brain.

MCT oil can help reduce lactic acid build up

When you exercise your muscle are broken down and lactic acid starts to build up. MCTs can help reduce the build-up of this lactic acid in the body. That's why more and more athletes are turning to MCT oil as a supplement. A study has also found that taking MCT oil before working out may cause your body to burn more fat instead of carbs for energy. They can also increase fat burn during exercise.

MCT oil can help with certain diseases

According to some studies, MCT oil and a ketogenic diet may help manage diseases such as autism, Alzheimer's disease, and epilepsy. It has been found that increasing ketone production may help reduce the frequency of seizures in patients with epilepsy. A study found that dosing Alzehiemer's patients with MCT oil improved their short-term cognitive functions. In another study, MCT oils were given to children with autism. It was shown that MCT oil and a ketogenic diet can substantially improve behaviors in children with autism.

MCT oil can reduce the risk factors for heart disease

Heart disease is becoming a growing problem in many parts of the world. There are many factors that can increase the risk of heart disease in people including smoking, being overweight, inflammation, high cholesterol, and blood pressure. Since MCT oil helps to promote weight loss and, specifically, fat loss, this can help reduce the risk factors for heart disease. A study also found that men taking MCT oil were able to reduce their cholesterol levels. That same study showed to reduce the level of LDL, also known as "bad cholesterol" and increased HDL or "good cholesterol".

MCT oil may help control blood sugar levels

MCT oil may have benefits that help those with blood sugar issues such as diabetics. Many people with type-2 diabetes are overweight. Since MCT oil has been shown to promote weight loss this can help reduce the symptoms of diabetes. A study found that people with diabetes that also consumed MCT oil had reductions in weight, insulin resistance, and waist circumference.


You really need to find the best MCT oil for keto diets. MCT oils have many significant benefits when added as a supplement to your diet. They are a great source of energy, help protect your heart health, can help with conditions like Alzheimer's or diabetes, and can help promote good bacteria in the gut. It also contains special fatty acids that help promote weight loss and increase the feeling of fullness in your stomach. MCT oil is a really great supplement to add to any diet, especially the ketogenic diet.