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Are you determined to adhere to your keto regime while simultaneously satisfying your hankering for some hearty cuisine from none other than KFC?

Well here’s some fantastic news for you – they have launched a brand new Keto-friendly menu that caters precisely to these sentiments! With Keto at KFC enjoy a sumptuous gourmet experience without compromising on taste or nutrition.

This blog seeks to aid you in delving into this novel concept by showing you appropriate techniques for ordering specific mouth-watering keto meals from their updated menu list.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s explore!

Original Recipe Chicken Breast

When you’re striving to maintain your low carb keto lifestyle amidst todays fast paced world; options like KFCs Original Recipe Chicken Breast are a true blessing!

With just two net carbs per serving along with other paramount nutrients such as protein- you can relish all the deliciousness without sidetracking your health goals.

Pertaining to this KFCs’ nutritional information discloses its modest 160 calories along with significant amounts of nutrients such as 7 grams of fat (3 grams saturated) 65 milligrams of cholesterol 600 milligrams of sodium and a considerable share (23 grams) of protein without the inclusion of trans fats or added sugars.

You can thus take joy in relishing your delectable meal while sticking steadfastly to your dietary standards.

Grilled Chicken

Incorporating KFCs tasty grilled chicken in your daily meals can add some variation to your customary keto menu plans. For keto followers who want a delicious meal option that imparts an excellent nutritional punch- this dish ticks all the requirements.

To begin with, it has low carb counts and high protein content that falls within the dietary allowances stipulated for ketogenic eating plans effectively. In particular, this meal will not pose any risk of eliminating ketosis because its net carb count remains at only 0 grams per serving!

Moreover grilled chicken at KFC qualifies as an excellent source of vital micronutrients like iron, zinc, and selenium which may sometimes fall short in a strict dieting regime.

Not to mention- savory indulgences like these are exceptionally well suited for providing those essential fats and vitamins required for overall wellness!

Looking at the numbers game – it provides twenty-five grams of protein per serving with one hundred sixty calories while only containing about two point five grams of fat; zero carbs or added sugars; effectively providing perfect macros balance that can work well coupled with calorie control as part of weight management strategies.

To summarize -: If you’re seeking tasty food options that remain compatible with your ketogenic way of life. KFCs’ grilled chicken fits into every box- tasting absolutely delicious while providing critical nutrients!

Green Beans

To ensure comprehensive nutrition and well-being on a ketogenic diet plan consider incorporating KFC Green Beans into your meals. These beans are particularly renowned for their low carbohydrate count paired with extensive nutritional benefits such as vitamins A & K potassium content as well as protein and dietary fiber content.

Thanks to its minimal amount of carbohydrates at only 5 grams per (90-gram) serving size; this dish is perfect for sticking closely with the carb requirements of the ketogenic protocol.

In essence. It’s an extraordinary choice that enables health enthusiasts to nourish themselves effectively whilst maintaining adherence to dietary preferences.

Buffalo Twister

Individuals following the keto way of life seeking both nourishing as well as delicious options can consider choosing the Buffalo Twister at KFC.

With shredded white meat chicken paired beautifully with creamy Monterey Jack cheese along with crisp pieces of lettuce drenched in tangy buffalo sauce presented together securely inside a flavor-packed flour tortilla; this wrap carries solely four net carbs thereby proving it’s a one-of-a-kind selection of low-carb choices!

This filling menu item boasts a minimal calorie count at just 270 calories due to its high content of lean protein counting up to 17 grams per serving perfect for keeping an eye on carb intake without compromising on the required protein levels.

Moreover, it’s a delicate package of fiber alongside calcium and Vitamin A all with no trans fat making it just the right choice for all diet enthusiasts.

Caesar Side Salad

The Caesar Side Salad at KFC is undeniably a winner when it comes to healthier meal options. Perfectly suited for those on a low-carb diet or specifically following the keto diet points in one direction- less carb and significant protein intake!

KFC’s take on Caesar salad generously teems with freshly shredded romaine lettuce tossed up with an infusion of parmesan-infused Caesar dressing.

Sparkly salted bacon bits topped perfectly with flakes of quality Parmesan cheese. In addition to its head-turning exotic ingredients.

What makes this salad even more desirable is the incredibly low net carb count ensuring no over-exaggerated nutrient intakes and providing necessary vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, iron & calcium all packed within each serving!

With this comes an excellent protein count of 6g per portion which can undoubtedly become your go-to light on the body yet delicious ally – however busy your day may be!

Bacon Ranch Tenders

If you abide by a keto diet plan and love KFC’s Selections—opt for their Bacon Ranch Tenders! Offering only one net carb per portion makes them ideal for people on the go seeking convenient low-carb snacks or meals without compromising on flavor.

Additionally, the savory tenders are rich in nutrients—each serving provides enough sustenance from 16 grams of protein and eight fat grams to keep you feeling energized and sated all day long!

The lack of sugar is another perk that eliminates the possibility of experiencing any crashes that create roadblocks in daily routines with this offer!

Protein-rich meals typically contain several essential vitamins and minerals you need in your diet like vitamins A & C plus significant minerals such as iron & potassium making it a balanced meal option to consider when dining out!

To sum up-For an impressive Keto experience you can trust; Bacon Ranch Tenders at KFC fit perfectly!

House Side Salad

Sticking to a keto diet does not have to mean sacrificing taste or satisfaction. KFCs House Side Salad is a prime example of that! If you’re counting your carbs this salad makes the perfect low-carb option containing only seven net carbs per serving.

Plus with three grams of dietary fiber included in each portion and essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin A (15% daily value) and C (10% daily value) it packs a wholesome punch.

This salad has zero added sugars; giving those who avoid sweeteners peace of mind. At just sixty calories and one gram of fat for each serving the House Side Salad will leave you feeling good about making healthy choices without compromising flavor or enjoyment.

Cole Slaw

For those embarking on their keto journey, the Cole Slaw from none other than KFC is one formula that really hits the spot, complete with just over five net carbs per serving.

The fresh slaw assortment features an array of chunky green cabbage mingled with plenty of carrots to deliver authentic tastes while augmenting health benefits — including ample fiber content, proficient vitamin dosage in addition to key minerals which improve holistic body nourishment levels.

But wait — there’s more! With a reduced fat quotient coupled with no superfluous sugar additions, it stands out as an excellent choice for anyone looking for optimal ketosis results. The creamy wonder is made up of equal parts mayonnaise and buttermilk, bringing on rich flavors while controlling calorie overload perfectly.

Nutritional details reveal that each portion size accounts for around 45 calories while delivering just under a gram each of dietary fiber and protein along with also packing only minimal amounts of sodium at barely thirty-five or so milligrams per helping.

Unquestionably a great option fitting your keto diet plan perfectly — this innovative recipe brings unique flavor profiles, alongside essential nutrients which complement your carbohydrate-light philosophy at every turn; go ahead and enjoy some Cole Slaw today thanks to KFC!

Grilled Chicken Little

Following a keto diet doesn’t mean sacrificing taste options. Enjoy KFCs’ Grilled Chicken Little Sandwich on your next break -with only five net carbs per serving yet designed to deliver excellent nutrition support.

Enjoy low-carb satisfaction crafted into every bite of this glorious meal offering – made from wholesome ingredients like grilled chicken breast slices and crisp lettuce leaves- all drizzled in creamy mayo sauce arranged perfectly between warm toasted buns.

Even better? This appetizing feast comes loaded with health benefits since it is fortified with critical nutrients like iron; calcium; and more.

With only 160 calories, one gram of saturated fat, and seven grams of total fat (plus zero trans fats). Choosing this sandwich over other fast food options will ensure your day stays on track in terms of healthy choices.

Original Recipe Drumstick

If you’re a keto-following individual on the hunt for a low-carb snack option that’s also nutritious- give KFCs Original Recipe Drumsticks a try. Boasting just 1g net carb per serving this snack is indeed an excellent addition to any low-carb meal plan.

The standout nutrient profile provides both 14g of protein as well as healthy fats at a whopping 7g- No more choosing between good taste and nourishing food!

Not just that, but with only around 110 calories per drumstick. You can enjoy them without worrying about the guilt factor too much. And let’s not forget- these little guys come completely free from any added sugars or synthetic junk; so fresh natural goodness in every bite!

All together – the Original Recipe Drumstick is worth trying for anyone seeking to indulge in a pleasantly filling treat without harming their low-carb efforts.

Corn on the Cob

Including vegetables in your meals while following a keto diet has never been more satisfying!KFCs’ Corn on the Cob offers not only nutritional value but satiates those cravings for corn y goodness without any guilt!

Each serving contains just 4 grams of net carbs accompanied by 1 gram of dietary fiber a combination ideal for anyone needing to manage their carbohydrate intake.

Furthermore, a host of vitamins such as vitamins A and C are available along with iron, potassium, and magnesium ensuring that our bodies are functioning at optimum levels. From taste to nutrition KFCs’ Corn on the Cob delivers both!

Crispy Chicken Littles

When it comes to keto diet meals none beats the Crispy Chicken Littles at KFC! Here’s why: each serving contains a mere 3 net carbs – perfect for those limiting their carb consumption.

On top of that, each piece weighs in at a modest 170 calories and delivers 17 grams of delectable lean protein!

Notably, these chicken littles boast zero trans fat and only supply your body with an aggregate of 2.5 grams of saturated fat; hence you can enjoy this sumptuous meal healthily.

Further still using all-white meat chicken guarantees consistent high-quality nutrition for our bodies in every bite we take.

In total. The Crispy Chicken Littles at KFC defines culinary excellence – tempting us with mouth-watering flavors while offering optimal nutrition options.

Extra Crispy Tenders

When it comes to keto-friendly options. KFC Extra Crispy Tenders take the cake with their significant amount of protein and low carbohydrate count.

Each tender consists of only 1 gram of net carbs alongside 18 grams of protein – making it an excellent choice for those aiming to maintain their ketosis levels.

The tenders are also low in fat and calories – which is an advantage for individuals committed to the keto diet plan. Additionally, these tenderloins consist entirely of white meat chicken loaded with nutritious sources of lean protein that your body will appreciate!

Furthermore, no artificial flavors/colors or preservatives were utilized during production- What does this mean?

Worry-free enjoyment without any fears about unhealthy additives sneaking into your meal!

Lastly, if you’re attempting to adhere to your ketogenic lifestyle but still wish to treat your taste buds with something mouthwatering- Try KFC Extra Crispy Tenders!

Honey Mustard Sauce

Keto dieters looking for tasty options at KFC will love their honey mustard sauce! This delectable condiment packs delicious flavor while containing just one net carb per serving; an awesome feature for those monitoring their carb intake!

You’ll also appreciate its ultra-low calorie content of only twenty with no sugar whatsoever. Perhaps even better yet is the fact that this sauce contains low sodium levels at just 25 mg per serving especially great news for those attempting to lessen their sodium intake while sticking to keto.

Furthermore with around 0.5g of fat per serving the Honey Mustard sauce provides the energy needed for a healthy lifestyle without tipping you out of ketosis.

Lastly, this sauce is also crafted without any artificial colors or flavors ensuring its quality and authenticity.

Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce

For fans of spicy grubs who follow a keto lifestyle KFCs Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce checks all the boxes for healthy indulgence. With just 2g of net carbs per serving (29 g or around two tablespoons).

This delicious condiment allows you room for flavor without losing track of your dietary plan.

It has less fat content as well as fewer amounts of sugar, sodium, and cholesterol along with zero grams of trans fat makes perfect sense for people looking out for their health.

It is an overlooked source of vitamin A which makes meals more nutritious. This sublime blend serves as an ideal choice to give your favorite recipes a spicy kick while keeping things keto-compliant.

Honey Hot Wing Sauce

Are you on a keto diet but crave mouth-watering sauce options? Don’t worry anymore! KFCs scrumptious Honey Hot Wing Sauce is here to be your savory indulgence without feeling guilty about breaking your dietary goals.

The sauce comprises only one net carb per serving – making it an optimal choice for a ketogenic diet – while eliminating any artificial colors or flavorings.

So rest assured that you can enjoy its rich taste without compromising on health standards! With zero calories and zero fats alongside minimal sodium (only 6mg per serving).

It makes this sauce the ultimate choice for anyone whos looking for healthier alternatives minus sacrificing palate satisfaction. Keep up with your daily healthy habits alongside your flavorsome journey by going with KFCs Honey Hot Wing Sauce today!


To conclude, creating a keto-friendly meal option is possible when dining out at KFC but requires conscientiousness when choosing food items.

As numerous non-keto menu options are available, making wise choices hold the utmost importance. Generally speaking, grilled chicken surpasses fried ones in terms of serving as a better dietary option.

Sides such as fries or coleslaw are rich in carbohydrates and thus must be avoided whilst considering alternate healthy keto-friendly options.

Regarding toppings, if one wants an added dose of fats preferring bacon/ cheese is advisable. While dressings/sauces with reduced carb range should preferably suffice .

Studying nutrition information made available on KFC’s website coupled with planning can ensure delicious and hunger-satisfying keto meal options for you.

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