Vitamin Water Zero – The Best Keto Drink?

vitamin water zeroVitamin Water Zero is a delicious and healthy drink that can be consumed on a keto diet. Produced by the Glaceau, Vitamin Water Zero is packed with vitamins and minerals but contains zero sugar and is a zero-calorie food. This means Vitamin Watter Zero has no carbohydrates which makes it an optimal choice for a keto diet. This drink contains no sugar.

Each flavor of the drink features different vitamins and minerals designed for a specific purpose. You will get things like 100% of your daily recommendation of vitamin C. Many of the Vitamin Water Zero flavors also include vitamins such as b5, b6, and b12.

Vitamin Water Zero is also packed with electrolytes to help hydrate you. This is especially important when you're on a low carbohydrate diet as you can deplete your electrolytes. Your body is basically 60% water and you need drinks like Vitamin Water Zero to help replenish the water and electrolytes that you lose throughout the day.

You may want to think about adding this drink to your diet. Since it is no calorie and no carbs you can basically drink as much as you want to. You'll want to limit your intake though so that you don't consume too many vitamins. This is an excellent addition to any low carb diet to help replenish the vital electrolytes and vitamins that your body needs.

If you're interested in keto-friendly beverages you may also want to look into propel water.

Vitamin Water Zero - Ice

Vitamin Water Zero - Dragon Fruit

Vitamin Water Zero - Acai-Blueberry-Pomegranate

Vitamin Water Zero - Strawberry Lemonade

Vitamin Water Zero - Orange