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Are you looking for Lily’s Chocolate? This special healthy chocolate is actually OK to eat on a keto diet.

Many people really crave sweets when they are on a low carb or keto diet, especially chocolate. The problem is that most chocolate is loaded with sugar. That’s obviously not going to work for a keto diet. Lily’s Chocolate is different. It’s keto chocolate with a low net carb count. Lily’s Chocolate is sweetened with Stevia, which is a natural sweetener that has no calories. Stevia has been used to sweeten food and drinks for a long time without making them contain more carbs.

About Lily’s Chocolate

Lily’s Chocolate is extremely low in net carbs coming in at about 2g of net carbs per serving. This keto chocolate is high in healthy cocoa. Lily’s chocolate comes in several excellent flavors such as Original, Almond, Coconut, Crispy Rice, Creamy Milk and Salted Almond & Milk. Even the milk chocolate style is low in net carbs.

You really can’t go wrong with Lily’s chocolate if you want to enjoy a sweet snack while sticking to your keto goals. Kill your cravings for sweet chocolate with this delicious alternative. Try Lily’s chocolate today. For other keto friendly chocolates take a look at our post on the best keto chocolate.

Lily’s Chocolate Variety Pack

Treat yourself to something sweet with Lily’s Chocolate Variety Pack. This decadent selection of chocolates will satisfy any craving, from creamy milk chocolate to rich dark chocolate. All of the chocolates are crafted with the highest quality ingredients and are entirely free of refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. Enjoy a taste of something delicious with this assortment of chocolates, perfect for gifting or for a special treat.

Lily’s Milk Chocolate

Introducing Lily’s Milk Chocolate, a deliciously creamy and smooth milk chocolate that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Crafted with premium cocoa and natural ingredients, Lily’s Milk Chocolate is sure to bring you pure bliss in every bite. Perfect for enjoying as a snack, adding to baked goods, or melting and using as a dip or topping, Lily’s Milk Chocolate is an ideal choice for any chocolate lover. With its creamy texture and rich flavor, you’ll be delighted by this delicious milk chocolate every time.

Lily’s Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

Treat yourself to a luscious indulgence with Lily’s Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. This 70% cocoa dark chocolate is made with all-natural ingredients and is sweetened with stevia. It’s infused with a hint of sea salt to tantalize your taste buds and create the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Enjoy the deep rich flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture of this delectable chocolate treat. Perfect for snacking or baking, Lily’s Sea Salt Dark Chocolate is sure to be your new favorite.

Lily’s Original Dark Chocolate

Lily’s Original Dark Chocolate is a decadent and luxurious treat. Rich and smooth, this dark chocolate is the perfect indulgence for those special occasions. Our cocoa beans are sourced from some of the finest plantations in the world, and are roasted to perfection to bring out their unique flavor and aroma. With 72% cocoa content, this dark chocolate has a robust and intense flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy a piece of Lily’s Original Dark Chocolate, and treat yourself to the ultimate luxury.

Lily’s Salted Almond Milk Chocolate

Indulge in Lily’s Salted Almond Milk Chocolate, a heavenly indulgence that is sure to satisfy any sweet craving! This heavenly treat features creamy milk chocolate with a hint of sea salt and crunchy almond pieces. With its delightful balance of sweet and salty, this chocolate is perfect for sharing or for enjoying on your own. Enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth texture and the added crunch of the almonds, and savor every bite of Lily’s Salted Almond Milk Chocolate.

Lily’s Almond Dark Chocolate

Indulge in a luxurious chocolate experience with Lily’s Almond Dark Chocolate. Handcrafted from premium cocoa beans, this delicious dark chocolate bar is enhanced with roasted almonds for a rich, nutty flavor. Each bar is made with all-natural ingredients, non-GMO, and sweetened with Stevia for a healthier snack. Enjoy a decadent treat with no sugar added, and savor the delightful combination of creamy dark chocolate and crunchy almonds. Whether you’re treating yourself or sharing with friends, Lily’s Almond Dark Chocolate is sure to please.

Lily’s Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate

Indulge your taste buds with Lily’s Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate. This delicious confection has the perfect balance of sweet and salty, with creamy milk chocolate, salted caramel, and a hint of sea salt. The smooth texture and rich flavor will have you wanting more. With zero sugar added, Lily’s Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate is a guilt-free treat that you can enjoy any time of day. Enjoy a moment of pure indulgence with this delectable combination of sweet and salty.

Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips

Introducing Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips, the perfect addition to your favorite recipes. Made with premium cocoa beans, these chips are rich, creamy, and full of flavor. Enjoy them in cookies, brownies, cakes, and more for a delicious chocolatey treat. Plus, these chips are sweetened with stevia, making them a better-for-you option compared to traditional chocolate chips. With Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips, you can indulge guilt-free!


Lily’s Chocolate is an excellent option for those who follow the ketogenic diet and want to indulge in a sweet treat. It is a great low-carb and sugar-free alternative that won’t take you out of ketosis. Not only is it delicious and satisfying, but it is also an excellent source of healthy fats and dietary fiber, making it an ideal snack for those looking to stay on track with their keto lifestyle. With its numerous benefits, it’s no surprise that Lily’s Chocolate is becoming increasingly popular among keto dieters all over the world.

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