Keto Tea? Is it the #1 Best Keto Drink?

keto teaAre you wondering if you can drink keto tea? Is tea a keto-friendly drink? We'll take a look at the benefits of tea and analyze the nutritional values to determine if tea is a keto a good drink.

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What is Tea?

Tea is thousands of years old and has been consumed by many ancient civilizations and the civilizations of today. It comes from a tradition rooted deep in cultures around the world. The first tea originated in China. Eventually, this drink caught on and spread to places like Japan and Europe. Americans were first introduced to tea by Dutch settlers in 1650. Though tea was very popular in Great Brittain it was actually one of the last countries to adopt the beverage.

Tea is most famous in the US as a result of the Boston Tea  Party. This is an event where settlers dumped the tea shipments from Brittain into the ocean to protest the high taxes on tea. Eventually, the government of Brittain slashed the taxes on tea to make it an affordable drink to everyone.

Tea is created by boiling water over fresh or cured tea leaves. This extracts the flavor and nutrients of the leaves into the hot water that is left behind. There are so many different types of tea that we probably couldn't name them all in this article. Many of these varieties of tea are said to have health benefits in the human body.

What are the Benefits of Tea?

keto tea leavesLike we said above, there are several different types of teas and they all have different health properties.  Teas can seemingly solve just about any problem. If you're feeling sluggish the caffeine in tea can help to give you a boost. If you had a stressful day, there are many types of teas that can help you to relax.

Tea has been used in traditional natural medicine for centuries. Modern science is starting to back up some of the health claims of tea advocates now.

Keto tea can be a healthy and delicious drink with many health benefits.

Tea can increase the metabolic rate in the body. Many types of tea have been shown to increase the calorie-burning rate of the body. Tea has actually been shown to promote brown fat. Brown fat is more metabolic than other types of fat. That means that brown fat actually helps to burn calories. So if you had a choice between white fat and brown fat, I think most people would prefer the brown variant.

Tea can help to reduce the risk of dying from certain diseases. A study showed that the risk of dying from stroke, some cancers, and heart disease was reduced in a group of about 40,000 adults who drank tea regularly. People who drink 5 cups of tea or more per day have a 16% lower risk of cardiovascular disease compared to people who don't drink tea.

Tea can help to improve insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity is one of the main reasons people tend to follow the keto diet. This is the cause of Type II diabetes. Tea can actually help to protect the pancreas from damage and inflammation. This means that tea can be a major benefit to people suffering from diabetes or at risk of diabetes.

Tea can reduce inflammation. Inflammation has been linked to many diseases. It is basically at the root of almost all chronic diseases. The polyphenols in tea are very powerful at fighting inflammation. Green Tea also contains EGCG which is 100 times more potent of an antioxidant than vitamin c.

Tea might help prevent certain cancers.  The EGCG in green tea might actually fight cancer. Animal studies found that EGCG can reduce metastasis and improve the outcome for several types of cancer. More studies are needed in this area but the results so far are very promising.

Tea is good for the brain. Drinking tea regularly can actually reduce the risk of getting neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's. The reason that tea seems to protect against cognitive decline is not really known. However, it's been proven that tea can increase memory and attention span.

Tea might increase fertility.  One of the major causes of infertility is the oxidative stress of reproductive tissue. The antioxidants in tea can help prevent against this stress. Since tea is also anti-inflammatory it can help improve fertility in both men and women.

Tea is hydrating. While this may seem counter to what we have been told for years, tea actually hydrates you at the same rate as water.

Tea is good for gut health. The polyphenols in tea can be a benefit to the bacteria that is commonly found in the digestive tract of the body. This can lead to many positive health effects like improved digestion, lower blood sugar levels, and weight loss.

Is Tea Keto?

The short answer is yes. Tea is keto because it is an extract of tea leaves. The remaining water is just a concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that contains almost no carbohydrates. The carbohydrate level isn't really measurable at least. Keto tea is a great option to help you fuel and hydrate your body when you're on a low carb diet.

What is Bulletproof Tea?

bulletproof teaBulletproof coffee is a famous keto drink to jumpstart your day and your metabolism. Bulletproof keto tea is the same thing but swaps out the coffee for tea. Bulletproof tea contains butter and coconut oil. These are both healthy fats to help keep you in ketosis. The amount of fat also helps to replace your breakfast and keep you full until lunchtime.

Bulletproof tea is very simple to make. Just brew your tea. Put it into a blender and att 1 tablespoon each of butter (preferably unsalted) and coconut oil (or MCT oil). Blend and enjoy.

Buy Keto Tea

If you're looking to add this delicious drink to your keto diet you may be overwhelmed with the number of options in the tea world. We've picked some of our favorites keto teas below. Try one or two and decide which one you like the best.

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