The Best Keto Friendly Coffee

keto friendly coffeeCoffee is a drink enjoyed by many around the world. To most people coffee is delicious but it also has many great health qualities. There are some keto friendly coffee options out there. Two cups of coffee post-workout can reduce muscle pain. Coffee has also been shown to reduce the risk of cirrhosis, type-2 diabetes, Alzheimer's, and depression.

A study showed that coffee drinks have stronger DNA since the white blood cells of coffee drinkers had fewer instances of DNA strand breakage. It's even been shown to protect against Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and colorectal cancer. All of this is great news for the coffee drinker, but you may be wondering how you can have keto friendly coffee. As for the coffee itself, almost all brands are keto friendly if you drink them black. Now there may be some flavored coffees out there that do contain carbs so watch out for them. For the most part, though, coffee is ket friendly.

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Keto and Coffee Creamer - Keto Friendly Coffee

A lot of people enjoy adding creamer to their coffee. There are many different types of creamer including heavy cream, half and half, and even various flavored creamers. Heavy cream contains no carbohydrates but is higher in calories at 50 calories per tablespoon. Next, half and half has 0.6 grams of carbohydrates per tablespoon. Then comes the flavored creamers.

The first thing you want to do is avoid and normal flavored creamer or anything that says "fat-free". In general "fat-free" means "we took out the fat and added sugar". So when it comes to flavored creamers you are going to want to look at "sugar-free" options. For example, Coffeemate Sugar-free French Vanilla creamer comes in at 15 calories and 2 carbs per tablespoon. If you're like me, you can probably fit n extra 2-4g of carbs into your budget. Here are some keto friendly coffee creamer options.

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Keto Friendly Coffee at Restaurants

Sometimes it's hard to determine what you can and can't drink at a coffee shop. We all know that straight black coffee is keto friendly but what do you do if you want a more specialized drink. For starters, you have to avoid milk. Almost all of the fancy coffees at places like Starbucks contain milk. You can have the barista replace milk with half and half, heavy cream, or even almond milk (still about 7-8 carbs).

As for the flavors, have them switch out the sugar syrup for lower carb sugar-free syrup. They actually have a decent selection of sugar-free syrups at many coffee shops. If you're just getting a coffee, be sure to add your half and half or cream and some artificial sweetener if you choose. You can still have good keto friendly coffee.