Core Power Protein – The #1 Keto Protein Shake?

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core power proteinIs Core Power Protein the best keto protein shake on the market? Find out more in this post. We'll take a look at the nutritional value of Core Power Protein and determine if it's right for a keto diet.

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What is Core Power Protein?

Core Power Protein shakes are a protein supplement shake that packs in 42g of protein per serving with 3.5g of fat. This fat and protein can help you feel more full when you're on a keto diet. A drink like this can also help with muscle recovery after rigorous workouts.

The 42g of protein help build up the muscle that you tear down during a workout. There is also a version with 26g grams.

Is Core Power Protein Keto?

The short answer is, it depends. Core Power Protein shakes contain 9g of net carbs and 7g of sugar. So it could fit into your macros if you skip some of your other carbs for the day. However, 8 or 9g of net carbs is a lot to consume in one meal but keep in mind you're getting the added benefit of  26 or 42g of protein. This is something you will have to decide for yourself.

If you work out very hard and need a good protein supplement to help replenish your muscles, then you might be able to fit Core Power Protein into your diet. However, if you think 8 or 9g of net carbs is too high then you'll want to look at other keto protein supplements.

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