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Look, calculating net carbs is not that hard, but sometimes I’m in a rush and want to know if a food is keto or not with a quick search. Often times there are foods that I’m pretty sure are keto, that I later find out are higher in net carbs than I originally thought. That’s where this new site comes in.

What is Keto or Not?

Not to be confused with “hotdog or not a hotdog”, Keto or not is a new tool that can quickly tell you if the food you want to eat is keto friendly. How many times have you grabbed a quick snack only to find out it consumed more of your daily net carbs that it should? Have you ever grabbed something labeled “sugar free” only to find out it was still packed with carbs?

hotdog or not a hot dog
This is a reference to the HBO series Silicon Valley for those of you out of the loop.

Joking aside, finding out if a food is keto friendly is pretty of helpful. The site is well designed and gave me the information that I needed to quickly judge if a food is keto or not.

How Can You Really Tell If A Food Is Keto Or Not?

The site offers some quick tools to let you know if a food is keto friendly at a quick glance. The first tool is this gauge called the “Ketometer” that tells you where the food lands on the net carb scale compared to a daily total of 20g net carbs.

ketometer 1

In addition to this fancy keto gauge, another data point and quick indicator is a little box near the top of the page that tells you if a food is keto friendly. It seems to have about 3 different options based on the net carb value of the food.

Screen Shot 2022 11 22 at 6.12.12 PM
Screen Shot 2022 11 22 at 6.12.20 PM
Screen Shot 2022 11 22 at 6.12.27 PM

This is pretty much the information that I am looking for, above the page fold, and not clutter with 100 different ads. Calorie sites have been popular for a long time, so why not one focused on the keto diet?

Another quick tool is a pie chart that gives you an indication of the calorie breakdown by eat macronutrient: fat, protein, and net carbs. Most keto dieters will target daily macronutrients similar to this food I found below.

keto or not pie chart

Other Information On The Keto or Not Website

Keto or not provides some additional helpful information. For example, when I did a simple search for “keto”, I found this food from Kiss My Keto cookie dough and the site recommended some related items with a quick link to buy the item on Amazon.

Screen Shot 2022 11 22 at 6.18.55 PM

Keto or Not also includes the standard nutrition facts label, another breakdown of calories and macronutrients, and some links to other related foods from the same brand so that you can explore. Then there is a section that explains what makes a food keto friendly for the noobies out there and a link to a keto diet plan.

My Overall Opinion on Keto or Not?

It’s not the first site of its kind, but it is probably the cleanest on. Most of the other calorie or keto sites are just overtaken with ads and this site is still pretty much ad free. It gives you the information you need quickly without a bunch of fluff and it really is a good way to tell if a food is keto or not.

The next time you are wondering if a food is keto or not, try ketoornot.com for yourself and see what you think. It’s a great resource to help you find foods to eat on the keto diet. It’s certain a little bit better than hotdog or not a hotdog.

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