Atkins Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Meal Bar Review

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The Atkins line of products are an easy go-to for keto dieters. Atkins Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars are no exception. These products are focused on the low carbohydrate Atkins Diet that is similar to the Keto Diet. The Atkins Meal bars are the higher calorie variant of the Atkins snacks. While the label says they are a meal, I still consider them to be a snack in my diet. Either way the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars are low in carbs and high in protein. These bars have only 3g of net carbs but 13g of protein.

There are five bars in a box. As with most Keto products that can be a little bit pricey but not all that bad. The taste of the bar is not quite what I expected. It doesn't taste like cookie dough very much. It's sweet and chewy. If you've ever had any of the numerous protein bars that are on the market, then you know what this bar is like. This isn't like the Atkins Endulge line that closely resemble the sweets you've cut from your diet. Overall the bar is a good snack to keep with you if you're on the run or need a quick keto snack. It won't fulfill you're craving for cookie dough though.

The Atkins Cookie Dough Meal Bars have only 1g of sugar and 3g of net carbs per bar. They're an excellent source of protein & fiber, plus there is not added sugar. You also get some essential vitamins and minerals. These bars are definitely worth a try.