Is Diet Coke Keto?

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If you’ve recently started following a keto diet and are wondering whether you have to give up one of the most popular drinks on the planet, diet Coke, this guide will enlighten you and hopefully answer any questions you have. 

Diet soda drinks are a staple on most diets, as they contain no sugar and zero fat. 

But what does that mean for us keto-ers?

Well, the good news is, diet soda drinks, including Coke, are entirely keto-friendly. 

Throughout this guide, we will examine why some people believe you shouldn’t drink Diet Coke on keto. We will also look at some alternatives if you are abstaining from the popular fizzy beverage.

Is Diet Coke Keto-Friendly?

We won’t get into the debate about whether you’re a Coca-Cola or a Pepsi drinker right now; the focus here is whether or not they’re permitted when you’re on a keto diet.

The short and sweet answer is, Yes.

However, what concerns many people is the artificial sweeteners used to give Coke its famous flavor. 

The truth is that the popular brands that manufacture Diet Coke use sweetening components that do not contain any sugar; therefore, they are carb-free and will not kick you out of ketosis. 

Should You Avoid Artificial Sweeteners?

One concern many people have about any diet soda drink is whether artificial sweeteners contain harmful ingredients that are unsafe for consumption. 

The belief that artificial sweeteners are carcinogenic has proven to be incorrect. Although the controversy remains between these additives and health issues, all edible sweeteners must undergo rigorous scientific testing before being labeled safe for consumption. 

So to clear up any misconceptions about this topic, there is no conclusive evidence that drinking diet soda in moderation damages your health. 

Will Drinking Diet Coke Promote Weight Loss on Keto?

Keto works for weight loss by burning fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates, such as those found in sugary foods and drinks. 

For example, if you were to drink a full-fat can of Coke, you’d be fueling your body with around 150 calories of pure sugar. On the contrary, drinking a can of Diet Coke contains zero calories and zero sugar while still providing great taste, so you don’t feel that you have to miss out on your favorite pop. 

In essence, if you drink Coke daily, then making the simple switch to Diet Coke can see a significant weight loss drop before even making any other drastic changes. 

Diet Coke has also proven to be a great appetite suppressant, which can help with intermittent fasting and snacking. 

The downside of Diet Coke on Keto

It’s not all sunshine and roses regarding drinking diet coke on keto because, for some people, the simple taste of something sweet can send them spiraling into binge eating territory. 

Therefore, stick with coffee or water if you can’t resist temptation after tasting something sweet. 

Secondly, drinking too much soda isn’t great for your dental care due to its acidic components, which can lead to tooth decay. 

A Final Look

So the answer to whether Coke is allowed on keto is a straightforward Yes. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you should start adding a crate to every future grocery shop. 

Drinking too much soda can cause adverse health conditions, especially regarding your dental hygiene, so drinking in moderation is highly recommended. 

Diet Coke is an excellent alternative if you’re starting your keto journey and are concerned about giving up some of your favorite sugary beverages. 

Diet Coke will also help to keep cravings at bay due to the caffeine being an appetite suppressant, which can help towards weight loss, and intermittent fasting if you’re doing this alongside your keto diet. 

You can also use Diet Coke as an excellent addition to keto-friendly cocktails, which you can find an extensive list of here

Suppose you’re an all-or-nothing kind of person and feel like even the taste of something sweet will tempt you into cheating with snacks. In that case, it’s best to avoid drinking Diet Coke altogether and opt for something like sparkling water, coffee, or herbal tea, which can help suppress the appetite while offering satisfaction.

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