Wendy’s and Keto: The Ultimate Guide for 2024 – Navigating Low-Carb Choices


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While it might feel impossible, Wendy’s has quite a lot to offer besides its iconic square ground beef hamburgers.

If you are in the mood for some fresh, fast, and low-carb fare, their keto options are just what you need. So put on your heels, flip-flops, or sneakers because nothing stops Wendy’s from complementing your ketogenic lifestyle with flair.

Wondering what are the best keto-friendly options at Wendy’s? Let’s dive right into the ultimate guide that shall disclose the top choices and clever hacks for a heartwarming keto-approved meal under its roof. 

Quick Tips for Eating Keto at Wendy’s

If you are craving some Wendy’s, keeping it low-carb and delicious is the way to go. These quick and practical tips will pave your way to the finest keto food at Wendy’s.

Bun to Lettuce

Turn any burger into a keto-friendly spread by leaving out the bun and replacing it with a crunchy and refreshing lettuce wrap.

No French Fries

Refuse the fries and take the side salad, but make sure to eat it without the croutons! Another exclusive Wendy’s item you can ask for is the Baconater Cheese Fries without the potato fried; this leaves you with smoked bacon and cheese, which are both keto.

Dressing Smart

Dressings at fast food chains can sneak in more carbs than expected, so keep an eye on the ingredients and nutritional facts. Keto options at Wendy’s include Classic Ranch and Caesar salad dressing, both of which have around 2 net carbs.

This carb, however, mostly comes from added sugar and milk, so if you are avoiding these completely, you might want to eat without any dressing.

Cutting down Condiments

Stay away from the ketchup and pick mayo or mustard instead. But try to make sure they don’t have added sugar.

Be Cheesy

Load up on cheese to your heart’s content. It’s flavorful and fatty, which makes it an unfailing keto companion.

Grilled Over Fried

When in doubt, choose grilled over fried options. Many fried foods are breaded, which makes them carb-heavy, so grilled is always safe and healthier.

Get to Know Your Food

Acquaint yourself with the nutritional info of menu items, available on the Wendy’s website and app. This will ensure that your order syncs with your low-carb objective.

Sugar-free Hydration

Pair your keto meal with a diet soda or unsweetened iced tea to complete the low-carb dining experience.

Keto Lunch and Dinner Options at Wendy’s

Keto Burger Options

Baconator (6g net carbs)

Wendy’s Baconator is a big scrumptious burger featuring two juicy beef patties, American cheese, and a generous helping of crispy bacon. Order it without the bun and ketchup to enjoy a fatty keto-friendly feast with 6 grams of net carbs.

Son of Baconator (3g net carbs)

The Wendy’s Son of Baconator is a slightly petite version of the classic Baconator. It offers loads of flavor in a more manageable size. Without the bun, it’s a fantastic low-carb option with just 3 grams of net carbs.

Double Stack (2g net carbs)

The Double Stack qualifies as keto food because it features two sensational beef patties with cheese, pickles, onions, and mustard. It’s a superb low-carb wonder, carrying just 2 grams of net carbs without the bun. 

Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger (2g net carbs)

Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger is a relatively small and simple burger that comes with a single beef patty, cheese, bacon, lettuce, and mayonnaise. Keto dieters can order it without the bun for a low-carb meal with only 2 grams of net carbs. 

Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe (3g net carbs)

Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe is a compact burger that includes a thick beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, mayo, and ketchup. For keto enthusiasts, it’s a great low-carb option with 3 grams of net carbs when ordered without the bun and ketchup. 

Dave’s Single (5g net carbs)

Wendy’s Dave’s Single is a timeless burger consisting of a quarter pound of fresh British beef, crisp lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and Heinz condiments within a toasted bun. It’s a suitable keto option without the bun and ketchup, giving 5 grams of net carbs. 

Dave’s Double (6g net carbs)

This keto option at Wendy’s stands true to its name by bringing double the fun of Dave’s Single. It brings more to the plate with 6g of net carbs that easily fit into your keto allowance. 

Dave’s Triple (7g net carbs)

If you want to take the keto party further up a notch, go for Dave’s triple! The three layers of meat are a tower of delight, and the 7g of net carbs are totally worth it (without the bun and sweet condiment


Keto Chicken Sandwich Options

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (0g net carbs)

Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich presents an herb-seasoned and grilled chicken fillet served with fresh lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise inside a toasted bun. Excluding the bun allows you to savor the appetizing blend of flavors without exceeding your daily carb limit.

Grilled Asiago Ranch Club (2g net carbs)

Wendy’s Grilled Asiago Ranch Club features grilled chicken, asiago cheese, creamy ranch sauce, applewood smoked bacon, fresh lettuce, and tomato on a premium bun. For a keto-friendly version, order it without the bun and enjoy the delightful combination.

Grilled Bacon Jalapeno Chicken Sandwich (3g net carbs)

Wendy’s Grilled Bacon Jalapeno Chicken Sandwich brings a spicy chicken fillet, smoky bacon, sliced jalapeños, and warm cheddar cheese between fine toasted buns. Ditch the bun to relish a lusciously spicy item that can be keto.

Keto Salad Options

Parmesan Chicken Ceasar Salad with no croutons (4g net carbs)

Parmesan Chicken Caesar Salad without croutons is excellent for the keto diet. It’s a bed of chopped Romaine lettuce topped with Parmesan crisps, grilled chicken, an assortment of Asiago, Parmesan, and Romano cheese, and creamy Caesar dressing. 

Cobb Salad with no crispy onions (7g net carbs)

The Cobb Salad without crispy onions is one of the best keto foods at Wendy’s, featuring a blend of fresh lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, grilled chicken, tomatoes, and shredded cheese. 

Strawberry Summer Salad with no candied almonds (6g net carbs)

Wendy’s Strawberry Summer Salad without candied almonds is made of fresh lettuce, ripe strawberries, grilled chicken, and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. The omission of candied almonds greatly reduces the carb content, making it more keto.

Keto Salad Dressings at Wendy’s

Caesar Dressing (2g net carbs)

Wendy’s Caesar Dressing includes ingredients like Parmesan cheese, egg yolks, lemon juice, and various seasonings blended into a rich, creamy base.

Creamy Ranch Sauce (2g net carbs)

Creamy ranch sauce at this food chain is made of mayo, sour cream, vinegar, and herbs, including dill and parsley. With 2g of net carbs per serving, it is admissible for keto. 

Keto Condiments

Mayonnaise (0g net carbs)

Mayonnaise is a smooth mixture of egg yolks, oil, and vinegar, which add a rich flavor to keto meals.

Mustard (0g net carbs)

Mustard is a zero-carb condiment primarily made from mustard seeds and vinegar to give a strong tangy flavor.

Creamy Ranch Sauce (1g net carbs)

Creamy Ranch is a sweet and sour concoction containing 1g net carbs, so it is relatively keto-friendly.

Southwest Ranch Dressing (2g net carbs)

Southwest Ranch Dressing offers a zesty merger of ranch and southwest flavors, making it an in-demand keto dressing.

Creamy Sriracha Sauce (3g net carbs)

Creamy Sriracha Sauce is a bit of a gamble with 3g net carbs. Mayo combined with the bold spiciness of Sriracha creates a flavorful yet slightly higher carb option for keto.

Final Thoughts

Low-carb fast food is a beacon of hope when you are struggling with cravings that go against the keto principles. Wendy’s offers a diverse, customizable menu, which provides delicious solutions while keeping the carbs to a minimum.

Eating there could be the big break you need from your boring and unimpressive low-carb meals. This low-carb fast food guide is meant to help you realize that your ketogenic adventure is yours to craft.Tailoring your options and making smart choices enables you to eat like a king and stay committed to the keto way of life. Now that you know what’s keto at Wendy’s, spread the word and let other keto followers savor the low-carb goodness with you.