Is Coleslaw Keto-Friendly? Examining Its Compatibility with a Low-Carb Diet


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Coleslaw, with its crunchy texture and tart flavor, is a cherished side dish that frequently graces the tables of picnics and grills. Nonetheless, the inquiry emerges for those following a keto diet: Is coleslaw keto-friendly? 

Keto diets are described by low sugar consumption, making it significant to cautiously evaluate each part of a meal. So, the traditional coleslaw is not so keto-friendly because of the presence of sugar. However, if the coleslaw is made following a keto-friendly recipe, it doesn’t hurt the keto diet plan.

Accordingly, there’s more to learn about the nutritional properties of coleslaw and how you can make it keto-friendly. In this article, you’ll discover procedures for creating a keto coleslaw and examine famous locally acquired coleslaw choices.

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Is Coleslaw Keto Friendly?

When discussing coleslaw, a popular side dish, we refer to a cabbage salad doused in a tangy dressing. When it comes to its place in a keto diet, is it the right fit?

While the traditional coleslaw recipe might be packed with flavor, it also tends to be high in carbs. Especially when sugar is used for the coleslaw dressing. With 10.6 net carbs per serving of 100 grams, this cabbage salad isn’t exactly low carb.

Remember, if you’re following the keto diet, you should aim to consume no more than 20g of net carbs per day. One serving of coleslaw could take up over half of your daily allowance!

Make your keto-friendly coleslaw mix at home, using low-carb ingredients like mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, and swapping sugar with keto-friendly sweeteners like Swerve or Splenda. Even better, try stevia, which has zero calories and carbohydrate content.

All these substitute ingredients lower the calorie count making our homemade version much healthier than store-bought options. So next time you’re whipping up some BBQ, remember this nutritious side dish and enjoy it without wrecking your diet!

Keto recipes aren’t meant to deprive you of meals you love but give them a healthy twist! Don’t forget always to check nutrition info so that you know exactly what’s going into your meal!

Pros Of Eating Coleslaw On The Keto Diet

  • Coleslaw is a good source of dietary fiber which aids in digestion.
  • It contains healthy fats from the dressing, which benefits those following a keto diet.
  • A serving of coleslaw is low in protein, allowing you to save your protein intake for other foods.
  • Coleslaw can be prepared with a variety of non-starchy vegetables that are keto-approved.
  • The taste and texture of coleslaw can make it an enjoyable addition to your keto meals, helping you stick to the diet plan more effectively.

Cons Of Eating Coleslaw On The Keto Diet

  • Coleslaw has high carbohydrate content, which could easily surpass the daily limit of 20g net carbs recommended in a keto diet.
  • It contains sugar, which is not recommended on a keto diet as it can spike blood glucose levels.
  • The total fat content in coleslaw may not be sufficient to meet the high-fat requirements of a keto diet.
  • Its protein content is too low to meet the moderate protein requirement of a keto diet.
  • Sometimes, coleslaw can have hidden sugars or unhealthy additives unsuitable for a ketogenic lifestyle.

Benefits Of Eating Coleslaw

This refreshing cabbage salad is more than just a delicious side. While it is not keto-friendly, it does have some health benefits for people following other diets.

Firstly, coleslaw is made from cabbage, a super-healthy vegetable. Cabbage packs a punch when it comes to good nutrition. It’s loaded with vitamins and fiber. Plus, eating cabbage can help improve digestion and lower blood pressure.

  • Boosts digestion: Coleslaw’s high dietary fiber content promotes healthy bowel movements and reduces the risk of constipation.
  • Lowers blood pressure: The potassium in the cabbage helps maintain good heart health by balancing out the negative effects of sodium.

Alternatives To Coleslaw On The Keto Diet

Traditional coleslaw recipes contain sugar, increasing net carb counts. However, there are ways to make this delicious side dish more keto-friendly.

You can replace regular sugar with keto-friendly ingredients like Splenda, Swerve, or Stevia. Also, substituting regular mayonnaise with Duke’s Mayonnaise (which has less sugar) helps reduce the overall net carbs in your coleslaw recipe. Adding apple cider vinegar also aids in adding taste without increasing carbs much.

The result? A low-carb, delicious side dish that fits right into your ketogenic diet plan! The nutrition info changes dramatically when you swap out high-carb ingredients for these low-sugar alternatives – leaving you with fewer calories in your coleslaw and more room for other yummy dishes!

So next time you’re looking for low-carb keto recipes, don’t forget this delightful cabbage salad – Coleslaw! With small adjustments to the coleslaw dressing ingredients, such as using stevia instead of sugar in your coleslaw mix or dressing recipe, you can enjoy this traditional BBQ companion guilt-free!

Keto Broccoli Slaw

The classic coleslaw recipe can be keto-friendly too! For instance, a Keto Broccoli Slaw is an excellent alternative. It’s a vegetable-rich side dish that replaces cabbage with broccoli. Tossed in apple cider vinegar and swerve instead of sugar, it’s packed with flavors but minimal net carbs.

Cabbage Salad with Stevia Dressing

Another potential substitute is the Cabbage Salad dressed with stevia. It still gives the crunchy sensation of coleslaw, but stevia significantly reduces the carb content. This cabbage salad could quickly become a family favorite during BBQ get-togethers.

Splenda Sweetened Coleslaw

Another suggestion is to stick with your traditional coleslaw recipe but replace the sugar with witSplendada. By doing so, you can maintain the same great taste while reducing your intake of carbs and making it an ideal side dish for any keto meal.

Duke’s Mayonnaise Coleslaw

Last, but not least, consider making Duke’s Mayonnaise coleslaw. The famed mayo brand has zero net carbs and is perfect for dressing your coleslaw mix. A serving of this is low carb and abundant in delightful flavors, a blessing for your keto recipes list.


Taking everything into account, the question is coleslaw keto-friendly? generally relies on how it’s prepared. Conventional coleslaw recipes might contain carrots and dressings with added sugars, which can hoist the carb count. In any case, with a couple of changes, you can add coleslaw to your keto diet plan.

To make keto coleslaw, choose variants with a low-carb dressing produced using fixings like mayonnaise, sharp cream, or Greek yogurt, joined with vinegar, mustard, and flavors. While KFC and Popeyes coleslaw are famous choices, they may not be keto-accommodating because of their high sugar content.

Eventually, coleslaw can be a delightful and keto-viable expansion to your feast plan when arranged mindfully and consumed with some restraint.