Is Coffee Mate Keto Approved? Delving into Its Fit for a Low-Carb Ketogenic Lifestyle


With the rising popularity of the ketogenic diet, many are wondering if their favorite non-dairy coffee creamer, Coffee Mate, can fit into a low-carb, high-fat lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the original Coffee Mate powdered creamer is not a keto-friendly option. It contains too many added sugars like corn syrup solids, which add a substantial amount of carbohydrates that can’t fit within keto macro guidelines. 

Let’s take a closer look at what makes coffee mate unsuitable for keto.

coffee mate original

Coffee Mate

Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon (15ml)

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Net Carbs








Is Coffee Mate Powder Keto-Friendly?

Like the liquid version, Coffee Mate’s powdered coffee creamer also falls short of keto-compliance. A single teaspoon of the Original Powdered Coffee Mate contains 2g net carbs.

Coffee Mate products may be considered “dirty keto” because they are low in net carbs but still contain unhealthy ingredients like sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Both the liquid and powder options rely heavily on processed ingredients like hydrogenated oils and soybean oil as well. For those on a ketogenic diet, these downsides make Coffee Mate an unsuitable choice.

Are There Keto-Friendly Coffee Creamers?

Thankfully, various keto-approved coffee creamers deliver the same velvety texture and flavor as Coffee Mate, minus the added sugars and carbs. Check out these delicious choices:

  • Nut Pods – Crafted from coconut cream and almond or cashew milk, Nut Pods offer indulgent flavor in dairy-free, keto-friendly form. At just 1g fat and 0g net carb per serving, flavors like Hazelnut and French Vanilla make morning coffee a breeze.
  • CALIFIA Farms – With coconut cream and zero added sugar, CALIFORIA’s Better Half creamer contains no sugar. Its rich consistency rivals half-and-half.
  • Laird Superfood – Per serving, the Unsweetened Laird Superfood creamer offers 0g net carbs and just 10 calories. Made with coconut milk powder and aquamin (a seaweed extract), it elegantly enhances any hot or cold coffee drink.
  • Nestle Coffee-Mate – For an occasional treat, Coffee Mate’s Natural Bliss line provides some keto-friendlier options, like their Zero Sugar French Vanilla creamer at just 1g net carb per tablespoon.

So while the original Coffee-Mate doesn’t quite align with a ketogenic diet, various low-carb, high-fat coffee creamers allow you to keep enjoying your daily brew. You can also use dairy derived heavy cream and whipping cream instead of regular coffee creamers.

Just be sure to check labels and measurements to fit the creamers into your macros. With some teaspoon tweaking, you can stay satisfied and in ketosis.