Is Celsius Drink Keto-Friendly? Exploring the Ketogenic Compatibility of Celsius


While Celsius Drink is a low-carb beverage, it is not keto-approved because it contains sucralose. It’s commonly labeled dirty keto because sucralose disrupts the gut bacteria and has the opposite effect of the keto diet.

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Celsius Energy Drink

Serving Size: 1 can (12oz)

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Is Celsius Drink Keto Friendly?

Despite the carbs in Celsius Drink being very low, it is not keto-friendly. It isn’t considered keto due to sucralose being on the ingredient list. That’s an artificial sweetener that has many side effects. 

Sucralose has a detrimental impact on the health of anyone who consumes it, which is the direct opposite of a ketogenic diet. Some people might condone having some sucralose while staying on keto, but it’s not suitable for even the less strict keto diet. Also, sucralose can potentially impact blood sugar and insulin secretion. As such, it has a negative effect on your body, not to mention the long-term side effects. 

Nutritional Profile of Celsius Drink

The main reason people buy this drink is that they see the calories in Celsius Drink are extremely low. While that’s something to look out for when dieting, it doesn’t automatically excuse any bad ingredients. 

Nutritionally speaking, Celsius Drink usually does more harm than good. In fact, most nutritionists wouldn’t say that this drink has any nutritional value at all. Granted that it’s better than other sugary drinks like Red Bull or Coke, but that doesn’t make it a healthy drink to consume regularly.

Note that sucralose (the main “bad” ingredient in Celsius Drink) doesn’t actually get you out of ketosis. However, it really does a number on your gut microbiome and possibly your insulin levels.

Another thing to note is the Celsius Drink provides “energy” because it contains a relatively high dose of caffeine (around 200 mg per can). To be fair, the drink uses green tea extract to provide that caffeine. It’s well known that green tea extract is rich in antioxidants, which may give Celsius Drink some health benefits. 

The company claims that owing to those antioxidants, the drink can reduce inflammation, promote weight loss, and even support heart health. However, there are no scientific peer-reviewed case studies to back those claims. 

Alternatives For Celsius Drink

Now that you see that Celsius drink is not entirely as healthy as it is marketed to be, you’re right in looking for alternatives. Here are the top keto options available:

Guayaki Yerba Mate Sparkling Blackberry Mint

While other Yerba Mate drinks from Guayaki are full of sugar, this is the only exception. With natural ingredients and only one gram of carbs per can, this delicious blackberry drink is perfect for the keto diet. Even though it has a lower caffeine content than Celsius Drink, only around 80 mg per can, nonetheless, the company’s focus on sustainable, organic, natural ingredients makes it worth giving a try. 

Toro Matcha

This all-natural matcha drink is a great option for keto diets or otherwise. Not only is it low in carbohydrates, but Toro Matcha is completely unsweetened—neither by artificial nor by natural sweeteners. The flavors and caffeine are entirely sourced from uji matcha. It’s also lower in caffeine than other energy drinks (only 60 mg per can), which is great for anyone trying to lower their caffeine intake.


This natural energy drink is sweetened with stevia and is a highly popular keto option. With a very short ingredient list (only five ingredients!), this is the perfect unprocessed energy drink to enjoy. It’s an all-natural low-carb drink with 38-45 mg of caffeine depending on the flavor (also natural). 

Clean Cause (Zero Calorie)

Again, this brand has many varieties that are high-carb, but their zero-calorie product line is perfect for the keto diet. These flavors include cherry lime, orange ginger, and watermelon. Check the nutritional label, if it says “zero calories” then you’re good to go. These drinks are sweetened with erythritol and stevia instead of artificial sweeteners (sucralose), so there is no potential negative impact on your health if you drink them. 


Despite the net carbs in Celsius Drink being pretty low, it’s not the best choice for keto diets. Even though it doesn’t actually take you out of ketosis, the drink has some ingredients that are highly processed. If you aim to reap the health benefits of a ketogenic diet, it’s best to avoid this drink and opt for something with more natural ingredients instead.