Stuffed Mushrooms and Bacon-wrapped Kale

 Stuffed Mushroom Ingredients:

Garlic scapes

Green onion




Cream cheese

Sour cream

Cheddar cheese

Stuffed Mushroom Directions:

Sauté garlic scapes and green onions in butter, add finely chopped stems of the mushrooms. Place caps of mushrooms in a Pyrex pan. Soften cream cheese, fold in half as much sour cream and finely chopped parsley, add sautéed pan. Stuff mushroom caps with the cream cheese mixture. Bake at 400F for 20mins, add a small amount of cheddar to each in the last few minutes.

Bacon-wrapped Kale Ingredients:

Olive oil

Apple cider vinegar






Kale directions:

Paint whole kale leaves with a mixture of oil, vinegar and spices. Fold leaves in half and roll up before wrapping in bacon. Place wraps in a Pyrex pan and bake at 400F for 40mins. Mustard for dipping.

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