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Are you looking for a keto meal delivery service that can get you delicious meals that help you stay under your carb limit and within your macros? I'm going to give you a Green Chef review. My wife and I have been using the Green Chef Keto meal delivery program for months now and we just love it. In fact, we've found the meals so delicious and nutritious that we both said we would eat them even if we were not following a keto diet. They are that good!

So keep reading for my Green Chef keto meal delivery service review.

Green Chef Review - Keto Meal Delivery

For those of you that don't know, Green Chef is another product offering from Hello Fresh, one of the most popular meal delivery services on the market. Green Chef is their health-focused offering. Green Chef allows you to choose from 4 diet options: keto, paleo, balanced living, and plant-powered. I'm sure all of these options are excellent but since this is a keto site we'll focus on the keto meal delivery option.

What is Offered by Green Chef Keto Meal Delivery Service?

With Green Chef you have the option of choosing their keto meal delivery program. This is an excellent option for anyone following a low carb, keto diet. The keto meal plan offers you a choice of servings for 2 or 4 people and 3 or 4 recipes per week. That's enough food for 2 or 4 people to serve 3 or 4 dinners. We do the 3 meals per week but we've tried both the 2 and 4 serving options. We've found both of these options to be just about perfect on serving size for 2 or 4 people. I'm a bigger guy and my wife is tiny but we always have enough food for both of us when we cook a Green Chef meal. The only thing I ate that I didn't feel was enough was a salad option we tried one time. Other than that I was satisfied with my meals.

What Kind of Variety Do you Get with Green Chef?

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You get to decide which recipes sound good to you each week. Green Chef will give you a choice of about 6 meals to choose from each week. These usually include different kinds of meats and veggies combinations. We've had steak, chicken, pork, fish, and shrimp options to choose from so far. For vegetables, you usually get different options paired with your meat like brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale, chard, mushrooms, zucchini, or squash. The major point is that there is enough variety to satisfy any taste. We've actually been really impressed with the variety of the keto meal delivery service that Green Chef is offering. In a little over two months, we have not repeated a meal yet. Every single meal we had was delicious and I would gladly pay more than $20 for them at a restaurant.

How Hard is it to Cook a Green Chef Meal?

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Even if you are not a seasoned chef, you can create delicious gourmet keto meals with Green Chef. Each recipe comes with a simple to follow direction card that walks you through all the steps of preparing a keto meal. All you need to know how to do is chop, dice, use a frying pan, and throw things in the oven. It's really super simple. Everything is included in the kit except for cooking oil (we use olive oil), salt, pepper, and water. Pretty much anything you need beyond that comes in the box with Green Chef. For tools, you need 1 or two frying pans, 1 or 2 baking sheets, and some measuring cups. This all depends on the recipe. For the most part, I don't even use measuring cups or spoons as I like to just estimate the amounts. My meals still turn out perfect.

If you are intimidated by cooking these keto meals please don't be. I'm confident that anyone can do this.

How is Green Chef Shipped?

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The first thing I like about the shipping options for Green Chef is that they let you choose what day of the week you want your food delivered. I chose Saturday because I'm usually home. My meals get dropped off by FedEx or UPS weekly and I have not had any problems with a shipment yet. Everything ships in this cool cooler box that keeps everything nice and cold until you get it in the fridge. It comes with water or gel-based ice packs. The meats are always sandwiched between multiple ice packs to keep them from getting warm. Then the rest of the ingredients are in bags, one per meal, on top. If you're into sustainability you'll be happy to know that just about everything that comes in the box is recyclable.

Why Should I Join the Green Chef Keto Meal Delivery Service?

There are tons of reasons to try out Green Chef today. First off, it helps keep you in ketosis while also offering a large variety of meals to keep you sane. Quit eating the same thing week after week and enjoy delicious gourmet keto meals 3 or 4 nights week. I was really getting bored on my keto diet but with Green Chef I'm excited to see how my meals turn out each week. Another big benefit is that my wife and I actually agree that we are saving money on groceries by going with Green Chef. The meals come out to be like $6-12 per meal. Try going to a restaurant and eating dinner for 2 at under $20 total, it won't happen. The last thing I can't stress enough is that these meals actually taste good. If you've been on keto you might be used to sacrificing taste for net carbs. You won't have to do that with Green Chef.

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